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Vaping Giant JUUL joins the UK Vaping Industry Association

Leading vaping company JUUL has joined the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) to boost drive for higher and consistent standards within the industry.

Since the UKVIA was formed by top vaping brands in 2016, the Association has been at the forefront of spreading the positive public health message about vaping to the UK’s smokers. That’s why the UKVIA are now excited to be joining forces with key industry player JUUL to continue this shared mission.

Key to helping more smokers switch to far less harmful products, is ensuring that the vaping industry adheres to the highest standards of product quality, marketing practices and retail operations so that consumers and regulators know they can place their trust in vaping. To emphasise the UKVIA’s commitment to maintaining and raising standards across the industry, the Association has recently launched a new code of conduct for all members.

The ten-point code of conduct outlines the standards that all UKVIA members apply across their businesses from retail to marketing; this includes requiring retailers to use “Challenge 25” in stores, have robust online age sales verifications and ensure products are only marketed towards adult smokers or vapers.

This clear approach to standards in the vaping industry has been a key driving factor behind JUUL’s decision to join the Association. As one of the world’s most recognised vaping brands, JUUL have the ambition and expertise to make a significant contribution to the UKVIA’s work to advance vaping in the UK.

John Dunne, Director of the UKVIA said: “The UKVIA is a partnership of the leading most respected vaping brands in the UK. We only allow companies to become members if they share our ambition to set high standards for the industry and our aim to help the UK’s seven million adult smokers make a life changing switch to a safer alternative. Our new code of conduct confirms the standards that all of our members follow every day as they work to grow and expand the dynamic vaping industry.”

“That’s why we are delighted that JUUL have decided to join the Association in recognition of our shared aims and values. We are excited to work with them to achieve the ambitious aims of the UKVIA.”

Dan Thomson, Managing Director of JUUL Labs UK commented: “The UKVIA’s new code of conduct was a crucial part of JUUL’s decision to join the Association, including affirming the adoption of Challenge 25 across the Association’s members to restrict youth access – a key policy which we have enforced since our launch in the UK last year. This is alongside a wider program of responsible measures that we have implemented exceeding regulatory or legal requirements, including sanctions for any non-compliant retailers on Challenge 25; two-factor authentication for purchase online; a limited range of adult-focused flavours; marketing which is entirely focused on adult smokers over 30 years; and zero presence on social media.

“JUUL’s mission is to improve the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers and to achieve this we are committed to having an open dialogue with government and stakeholders to promote vaping and its benefits over combustible cigarettes. Greater collaboration across the sector will provide both the wider industry and the UKVIA with a more credible voice to achieve our mission.”

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