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UKVIA Overview

As the country’s leading forum for supporting, developing and promoting the £1bn vaping industry, the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is spearheading one of the biggest market disruptions in the 21st century – the seismic shift from smoking to vaping.

The UKVIA is a non-profit organisation which is run by its members, for its members. We are about educating, informing and reassuring our key stakeholders as well as championing our industry so that the shift from smoking to vaping continues unabated and the public health benefits of doing so are realised fully. Our primary stakeholders include policy makers, parliamentarians, regulators, the public health community and the some 7m smokers across the UK.  

The UKVIA does not represent the interests of the tobacco industry, and vape companies which are owned, either wholly or partially, by the tobacco industry are not eligible for UKVIA membership. The UKVIA does not accept any funding from tobacco companies and our individual members are free from any control or ownership by the tobacco industry.  

Our Members

The UKVIA comprises some of the most entrepreneurial and fastest growing independent vaping businesses operating in the UK, and a range of professional and ancillary service providers.

The association has established itself as a major force in the sector, championing the burgeoning vaping industry across the UK. 

We represent the largest proportion of the UK marketplace and the entire supply chain including manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and compliance service providers  who all share our vision of “a world where the evidence-based life changing public health benefits of vaping products are fully understood and the positive impact is maximised.”

The UKVIA is now held up as a leading voice of the industry across the world.

Annual Report

See what the UKVIA has been getting up to and the value that it provides to its members. The current Annual Report highlights the achievements of the Association and its members during 2023 as well as the continued growth of the industry and the mounting evidence to support the public health benefits of vaping. It also puts the focus on key regulatory challenges and the priorities ahead for the vaping sector.

Previous UKVIA annual reports

The Directors

John Dunne Headshot

John Dunne

Director General, UKVIA

Dan Greenall

Managing Director, Oxford Vapours

Dan Marchant

Joint Owner and Managing Director, Vape Club

Doug Mutter

Manufacturing & Compliance Director, VPZ

Christian Mulcahy

Operations Executive

The Members' Board

Chubby Gorilla

Eyad Aboabdo 
Co-Founder & Vice President 

Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Ryan Stump 
Chief Operating Officer 

Electric Tobacconist 

Pascal Culverhouse 
Founder & CEO 


Andrej Kuttruf 


Tao Cui 

JUUL Labs 

Eoin Dardis
Senior Director  

Juice Sauz/888 Vapour 

Liam Chapman 

RELX Technology 

Chris Aikens 
Senior External Affairs Manager – Europe 


Diana Du 
Account Manager 


Niki Zhang
Marketing Director 

Vape Club 

Dan Marchant  

Vape Distribution  

Sami Asghar Sheikh  
General Manager 


Doug Mutter 
Manufacturing and Compliance Director  

Arcus Compliance Ltd 

Lee Bryan  

V2 Cigs 

Paul Hunt 
Managing Director 

Riot Labs 

Matt Crann  
Sales Director 


Ashan Bawa 

Geek Bar

Steve Cui 
Legal Manager 

Vape HQ

Craig Goodman
Managing Director 


Chris Zhi 

Airscream UK Ltd 

Steve Moore  

Vape UK 

Chris Page 

AKS Holdings 

Aftab Sabir  

Vape Supplier Ltd 

Philip Glyn  
Commercial Director 


Wassim Zreik  
Business Director UK 

Pheonix2Retail/Vape Stop 

Chris Kelly  

Gold Bar  

Alexander Althaus
Sales Rep 

Haypp Group 

Damien Stevens 
International Commercial Manager  

ICCPP Group 

Victor Liu 


Robert Clewley 
Sales and Marketing Director


Karl Chan  
Marketing Director 

Happy Vapes 

Xiaoyan Dai  

SKE Crystal

Joanna Luo                                                               PR Director