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Statement from the UKVIA on the research study by Material Focus

Statement from the UKVIA on the research study by Material Focus

“We have always acknowledged the environmental challenge posed by single use vapes and we have led the way in bringing key stakeholders across the vape waste chain to create solutions to reduce their environmental impact.

“We welcome the solutions put forward by Material Focus and are leading industry action in a number of these areas and more. Education of consumers about how to recycle single use vapes; product innovations that enhance recycling rates; compliance with the current regulations; and investment in waste collection points at point of use and not just at point of sale, are all critical in reducing the environmental impact of single use vapes.

“We must protect the environment while also recognising the contribution disposable vapes have made in helping adult smokers start on their quit journeys, in turn helping to achieve the government’s 2030 smokefree ambition.  The devices are one of the main reasons why for a second year running smoking rates have hit record low levels in Great Britain according to Office of National Statistics data published this week. Cigarettes are also still the single most littered item on the planet. Over a billion smokers worldwide discard a combined 4.5 trillion cigarette butts every year.

“Over 250 people die every day in the UK from smoking and cigarettes cost the NHS around £2.6bn every year; this is a huge price to pay and disposable vapes offer a highly effective, proven and considerably less harmful alternative than conventional cigarettes, because of their accessibility, ease of use and price points.

“In October we are launching Sustainable Vaping Week alongside International E-Waste Day and this will focus on helping the industry to educate their customers about how to dispose of their single use devices and other vapes in an environmentally responsible way.”

Material Focus: Number of disposable single-use vapes thrown away in a year have quadrupled



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