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How to vape?

Smoking is easy to do and many smokers may be reluctant to switch to vaping over fears that it is difficult to learn how to vape. 

However, many modern vaping products are specifically designed to very accurately mimic the experience of smoking, but without the added health effects of inhaling combustible tobacco. 

Disposable, or single-use devices, come pre-filled with e-liquid and all that is required is to put the mouthpiece of the device to your lips and inhale the vapour. There may be a button to switch the device on and off but there are no settings to change or components to replace which is why they are ideal to help smokers transition from cigarettes. 

More advanced devices have replaceable e-liquid pods or tanks which can be refilled with e-liquid when they run dry and these can work out less expensive over time compared with disposable devices. 

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