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How do I know if a vape is compliant?

One of the best ways to identify whether or not a vape is legal is by checking how it measures up against UK regulations.  

For example, vape devices in the UK must have a tank size of no more than 2ml – this roughly translates to round 600 puffs. Vape products should also come with a nicotine health warning on both the front and back of the packaging. 

If your vape exceeds this tank limit or doesn’t feature the required labelling, there’s a risk it is not complaint.  

To make things easier for consumers, many brands have started using QR or security codes which can be used to check the authenticity of a product.  

Leading vape review website Ecigclick has created a list of the companies which use verification checkers. This is updated this periodically and can be found here 

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