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Key Facts on Vaping

Key Facts About Vaping


Four in ten adult smokers in Great Britain wrongly believe vaping to be as or more harmful when compared to smoking.

Action on Smoking and Health UK, 2023


Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, Nicotine Vaping in England: 2022 Evidence Update


Smoking rates amongst UK adults have fallen to just 12.9% – the lowest levels since records began. Vaping has played a major role in the decline. 

Office of National Statistics 2023


More than half (55%) of current vapers who are ex-smokers in Great Britain have been vaping for more than three years.

Action on Smoking and Health UK, 2023


In Stop Smoking Services in 2020 and 2021, quit attempts involving a vaping product were associated with the highest quit rates.

Office for Health Improvements and Disparities, 2022


There is significantly lower exposure to harmful substances from vaping compared with smoking, as shown by biomarkers associated with the risk of cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

Office for Health Improvements and Disparities,2022 


Nicotine e-cigarettes are amongst the most effective stop smoking tools available.

Cochrane Review, research by University of Oxford, funded by Cancer Research UK, 2023


There is ‘no good evidence’ that second-hand vapour from e-cigarettes is harmful.

Cancer Research UK, 2024


Almost 4.5 million adults in Great Britain have used vaping to cut down on or completely stop smoking. 

Action on Smoking and Health UK, 2023


The average smoker could save at least £1,000 annually by switching to vaping – a disposable income boost of more than 10% in some regions of the UK.

Adam Smith Institute, 2022