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Suspect it. Report it. Sort it.

What's the initiative?

The vape industry helps adult smokers kick the habit by providing them with the most effective stop smoking tool ever devised – to date, nearly 4.5 million Brits have moved away from deadly cigarettes through vaping.

However, some unscrupulous sellers are casting a negative light on the sector by providing vapes to under 18s which, in turn, is putting the mission for a future without smoking at risk.

We are calling on consumers, vape professionals and the public to Be Vape Vigilant and put illicit sellers under the spotlight by reporting any suspected illegal activity to the relevant authorities.

The only way to stop youth vaping in its tracks is by getting to the root of the problem – rogue traders.

Why should you make a report?

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute reports that around a third of shops are guilty of knowingly engaging in underage vape sales and that as many as 1 in 3 vape products may be non-compliant.

The CTSI also warns that it doesn’t have the resources to effectively tackle these two major high street concerns and continues to call out for ‘more boots on the ground’ to help enforce regulations and advise businesses.

By highlighting illegal activity, you would be putting potential rogue retailers on the radar for trading standards authorities and could help put a stop to the irresponsible few.

Be Vape Vigilant. If you suspect underage vape selling, report it and help put a stop to it.

What has been said about the scheme:

How do I file a report?

Suspect a vape retailer of flouting the law? Follow this simple step-by-step guide on how to file a report:

Step 1

Fill out our reporting form below with details of the suspected illegal activity

Step 2

Click ‘Report Now’ to upload your report

Step 3

Our team will then pass your report onto the relevant authority and monitor any outcomes

File a report

reports filed

Download the assets

Retailers can show their support for the ‘Be Vape Vigilant’ initiative, raise awareness about the campaign and encourage people to report suspected illegal sellers by downloading and displaying some of the assets below: